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Humor: Definition of Software EOL, EOF

Definition of EOL, EOF given by  seasoned software engineer:


  • Terminated with extreme prejudice.
  • Not just pining for the fjords.
  • Excess to requirements.
  • Unfunded for maintenance.
  • Ceased to be included.
  • Drained from the swamp.
  • Gone to meet its maker.
  • Bereft of life,
  • kicked the bucket,
  • shuffled off the mortal coil,
  • run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible.

Simply, it has become an ex-package. (Not to be confused with an X package.)"

Solaris 11 EOF (End of Feature) Notices posted

Oracle posted a new page with Solaris 10 features which will not be part of Solaris 11.

Solaris developers shouldn't use these frameworks if they want their application to work smoothly with Solaris 11. The list consists of archaic commands, drivers, features and legacy hardware which shouldn't be used in any application developed in the last 10 years. It's unlikely that it'll have impact on existing applications.

Oracle posts "Oracle Solaris 11 Preflight Checker for Applications"

Oracle just updated their "Oracle Solaris 11 Preflight Checker for Applications". The tool is taking a multi pronged approach to figure out if a Solaris 10 application will work without any hick ups in Solaris 11.

Solaris 11 Repository and Server Configuration

The creation of a Solaris 11 repository is straight forward. Finding the related documentation isn't (status April 2011). The product name and domain names changed in the last year.

Solaris 11 Adoption ramping up...

 The industry interest to get applications work on Solaris is growing  a lot lately.

Quite a number of people start discussing the Solaris 11 Compability Checker:

New Tutorial: Solaris Privileges, Role based Access and SMF

Peter Karlsson just updated an excellent Solaris Security tutorial to Solaris 11 "standards". The free tutorial is a great way for hands-on people to get up to speed with the new Solaris security features within a 90 minutes.

Heads up Java and Solaris Gurus: Daylight Saving Time in the US will start this Week End

Important for all system administrators and Java developers in an international environment: Correct Local Time Zones. Oracle put all information for Java and Solaris in one place. No matter if there are late breaking changes in Morocco, Pakistan or Mongolia.

Have your system well patched and stay in bed next Sunday morning...

New and different in Solaris 11

Solaris 11 is binary compatible to Solaris 10 and application binaries are working well on Solaris 11. It's as well different to Solaris 10 (surprise...) and Solaris 11 Express since it's providing all the innovation which happened in the last 6 years. Users who are deeply entrenched with Solaris 10 (like me) have to cope with a number of changes which have the following background

Solaris 11 Changes: Where is /usr/ucb/whoami ?

Answer: It's still available through /usr/ucb/whoami . The difference to Solaris 10 is, that this command became part of an optional package as described in a previous post. The BSD commands are still available through this package. They are deprecated and it is not a good idea to use this command since it may be removed in future.

Solaris 11 Compatibility Checker available for Download

Oracle published a tool which allows to figure out if an application which works on Solaris 10 will work in an umodified way on Solaris 11. The "Oracle Solaris 11 Compitibilty Checker" is available as a free download.

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