Installation of a Graphical Desktop with RDP Access for SUSE SLES 11, 12, 15

SAP installations may require graphical tools to be operated on the target server.

Important dependencies

  • xrdp uses vnc
  • vnc uses X11 and window managers

Software Installation

AWS SUSE installations come by default without a GNOME desktop environment. The following commands will install a GNOME desktop and an xrdp service to connect to the systems:

SLES 11 & 12

# zypper install -t pattern gnome-basic


Use yast and the install pattern "Gnome basic"

  • start yast
  • Select "Software", enter "tab"
  • Select "Software Management", enter "cr"
  • Move active field to "Filter Search", enter "Shift"+"tab"
  • Use down keyborad key to unfold selection list
  • Select "Patterns"
  • Select "GNOME Desktop Environment (Basic)"
  • Select "Accept"

Install xRDP

# zypper install xrdp

Enable VNC Remote Login

  • Start yast
  • Select " Network Services"
  • Select first entry "Remote Administration with VNC"
  • Enable service

Configure Window Manager to use Gnome

  • Edit file /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager
  • Change entry DEFAULT_WM="" to DEFAULT_WM="gnome"

Startup the RDP service and make it start automatically after Reboot

These commands need to be executed with the sudo command from the ec2-user.


# service xrdp start
# chkconfig --set xrdp on

SLES 12 & 15

# systemctl start xrdp
# systemctl enable xrdp 

Anonymous (not verified)

Sat, 01/04/2020 - 10:32

Works perfectly, thank you so much !