Data Provider Installation through AWS System Manager (for SLES)


Execute the following two steps to enable an instance to be managed by System Manager:

  • Add the AWS managed policy AmazonSSMAutomationRole to the role of the instance
  • Install the System Manager agent according to the AWS documentation

Creation of System Manager Document

Use the AWS console.

Move to "System Manager"->"Documents". Create a new document with the following content:

"schemaVersion" : "2.2",
"description" : "Command Document Example JSON Template",
"mainSteps" : [ {
"action" : "aws:runShellScript",
"name" : "test",
"inputs" : {
"runCommand": [ "wget;",
"chmod ugo+x;",
"sudo ./;",
"curl http://localhost:8888/vhostmd"
} ]

Save the document with the name SAP-Data-Provider-Installation-Linux.

Command Line Execution of the System Manager Document

New data providers can then be provisioned with the AWS console or the following AWS CLI command:

aws ssm send-command --document-name "SAP-Data-Provider-Installation-Linux" \
   --comment "SAP Data Provider Installation" --targets "Key=instanceids,Values=i-my-instance-id"  \
   --timeout-seconds 600 --max-concurrency "50" \
   --max-errors "0" --region my-region

Replace the variables

  • i-my-instance-id with the instance id
  • my-region with the matching region