FAQ: Frequently asked Questions

How do I implement this architecture?

All AWS services are public available. The demonstration has been build using public available tutorials. Everything in the AWS cloud can be generated by scripts or configured through the AWS console

I am a AWS customer or partner and I'm interested in the demos and the services. How can I adopt them?

Get in touch with us. We will help you depending on your business case.

Is this architecture ready for industrial production use?

Yes and no...

Yes: all AWS services all highly available. They are scalable. Security is at a production level. The Greengrass V2 container manages the software on the Raspberry at a production level.

No: The Raspberry, the sensors and the wiring is not a professional level. We recommend to work with AWS partners who have verified Greengrass V2 hardware and carrier grade sensors. This project had no funding. This was the cheapest solution.
The quality of the Python scripts which run on the Raspberry are not at a quality level to use it at production. There is very limited error checking; there is very limited checking for incorrect data; the software has no life cycle. The gathering and filtering of data at the edge device would be different with professional hardware and professional sensors

Can we get access to the Python scripts running in Greengrass V2?

Not as of today (November 2023). The scripts have been derived vom AWS tutorials and Raspberry websites. The sensor libraries are open source raspberry libraries.

AWS does not release the scripts as of today since they did not yet pass the reviews to allow AWS to publish them as Open Source. Such a review would require significant resources in AWS. Please talk to us, we want to share the scripts with the community...

Where can I get such a Stirling machine?

Search for Stirling machines at amazon.com!
We bought our machines from Böhm. Böhm ships self assembly and assembled Stirling engines world wide. We picked the engines since they are robust enough for heavy usage. The oldest machine which we use has more than 20h of operation. Böhm ships as well spare parts.
... and yes, they are a kind of affordable. Get one as a Christmas present. The eight year old in yourself deservers it.