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Willkommen zur Wintersemestervorlesung: Einführung in die Programmierung

Liebe DHBW Studentinnen und Studenten,

die Vorlesung "Einführung in die Programmierung" MA-WIMBIT19A ist eine BYOD Vorlesung.

Frohe Weihnachten

 ... und ein gesegnetes neues Jahr!

Build native Hadoop Libraries for Solaris

Need to make Hadoop fly on Solaris?

Here's the article which teaches you to build the native libraries to expedite operations.

John Fowler announces Oracle Solaris 11.1

 John Fowler SVP Oracle Systems Egineering just announced Oracle Solaris 11.1 at Oracle Open World. Key features are

The dark side of Java: Java IAQ (Infrequently Answered Questions)

 Interesting collection of questions from Peter Norvig: "Infrequently Answered Questions". There are some scary corner cases...

Solaris 11 Changes: Changing the Node Name (nodename) of a System

The nodename is getting managed through SMF in Solaris 11. There is now one central place to manage the nodename.

Solaris 11 Changes: Managing Name Services (formerly known as /etc/resolv.conf)

Oracle Solaris 11 is leaving the SVR4 file based system administration of Solaris 10 behind. It uses SMF to manage the configuration state of many services.

The /etc/nsswitch.conf configuration file became a read only file which reflects the current state of the SMF service. Changes in the name resolution now require the following thress steps

Solaris Binary Application Guarantee extended to Solaris 11

The Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee is now covering Oracle Solaris 10 as well as 11. Oracle extended the program through 2013. The program covers a source code guarantee as well as a binary guarantee. Details can be found in the program description.


Advent, Advent

This is a student exercise which didn't work out. I planned to implement everything in a nice 2 class environment. The calendar turned out to be so simple that it was more natural to just code it in one class.

I omit I haven't been able to stop...

This is an old school Swing Applet with a grid control, JButtons and images from (available under a BSD license).

Solaris 11 Version Schema

Solaris 11 is public available and the IPS package management is setting new standards in Solaris administration and version management.

Everyone who develops software for this platform will want to make sure that the application users are using the optimal Solaris 11 infrastructure. The Oracle binary guarantee warrants that an application will work on any Solaris 11 release no matter which minor revision the kernel has. It's however  a reasonable idea to ask a user to be at same minimum patch level you qualified your application on.

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