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Workaround; Apple Java Update(1.6.0_22-b04-307) breaks OpenOffice 3.2.1

 The Apple Java Update 3 from Oct. 20, 2010 breaks OpenOffice 3.2.1. OpenOffice can't find the Java JRE anymore. OpenOffice becomes fairly crippled and it shows lots of popups depending on what you do.

The workaround for this problem is described in the OpenOffice bug report 115180.


Use command line (Terminal):

Follow OpenJDK on Twitter through @openjdk .

 Great move to stay in touch with OpenJDK!

Solaris Autoregistration (S10 9/10)

The new Solaris update release Solaris 10 9/10 is out. The product ships with Oracle branding and licensing and it has a new feature the "autoregistration".

Virtualbox 3.2.8 ready for download

New month, new VB update. Same quality as always. The change log refers to a regression, fixed memory leaks, USB enhancements, Windows and RHEL fixes.

The upgrade worked on my Mac worked like a charme. My frozen images survived the upgrade without a reboot.

Good job Oracle engineers, thank you!

Solaris Performance Tools CD 3.0 online available (again...)

The Solaris Performance Tools CD Version 3.0 from the Sun Benchmark Center Germany is available (again) for download. Enjoy!

Progress Messages the World doesn't need:

 "5 bytes of 369M bytes" from my time machine backup.

Solaris Performance

 moving on... Step 3: process introspection; Step 4: process monitoring with prstat.

Solaris Performance Primer

... new to Solaris? Step 1: Explore your system; Step 2: measure system utilization. More to follow.

A great week end to everyone! Stefan

Real world Java tuning Example

 Jeff Taylor provided a nice writeup of tuning a real application using visualgc. It goes much deeper compared to the Java primer I wrote a while ago.

Customer Development Methodology Presentation

Good presentation ( on how to win customers while doing software development. Well rounded presentation to learn how agile development works for startups and it helps winning VCs. Thanks to my old friend Mehdi Ghazizadeh who pointed me to it.

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