SAP related AWS technical White Papers

Amazon Web Services has a SAP micro site from which they reference as well the SAP related publications.

SAP Product White Paper Last Update Size Summary
HANA Setting up AWS Resources and the SLES Operating System for SAP HANA Installation March 2015 36 pages Set up guide for the SAP HANA. The documents discusses all aspects of a SAP HANA installation on SLES like security, network and disk related requirements.
HANA SAP HANA on the Amazon Web Services Cloud:
Quick Start Reference Deployment
July 2014 27 pages This document documents the fully automated installation of scale up or scale out HANA systems on AWS.
HANA SAP HANA on AWS Implementation and Operations Guide Feb. 2014 38 pages The document discusses all aspects of operating the SAP HANA database on AWS. It covers aspects like backup, support, security, administration, architecture and  high availability.
General Implementing SAP Solutions on
Amazon Web Services
April 2013 28 pages This documents covers: planning of installations, licensing, AWS architecture, EC2 instance types for SAP, sizing and performance
General SAP on AWS Operations Guide Feb. 2013 19 pages Discussion of AWS specific SAP topics like image cloning, SAP patching, trouble shooting, on premises printing, system copies etc.
General SAP on Amazon Web Services High Availability Guide Dec. 2014 29 pages Discussion of Windows and Linux related AWS architectures and implementations for SAP applications
General SAP on Amazon Web Services Backup and Recovery Guide Dec. 2014 20 pages Discussion of backup and recovery for production and non production systems. Covers the relevant operating systems and database products
General AWS Data Provider for SAP March. 2015 28 pages Setup and installation guide for the AWS SAP Data Provider which is required to gather AWS specific system information for the SAP monitoting utilities 
General VMS: TCO Study for SAP on AWS Feb. 2013 27 pages AWS references this document. The document got published by the VM AG
B1 SAP Business One version for SAP HANA on AWS Cloud Reference Sheet April 2015 2 pages Documents the key benefits of using B1 on AWS including sizing information for AWS
B1 SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, on the AWS Cloud: Deployment Guide Sept. 2014 15 pages Document outlines step by step the deployment steps of B1 on AWS

Non AWS Publications

SAP Product White Paper Last Update Summary
SA HANA Developer Edition How to create a SAP HANA Developer Edition in the cloud June 2014 Covers setup information for AWS and other cloud services
HANA SAP HANA on AWS Certified Feb. 2014 SAP blog entry about the support of SAP HANA on AWS
General SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS) March 2015 SAP SCN article with supported SAP products on AWS
Netweaver 7.3  SAP Netweaver 7.3 on
Amazon Cloud
(RedHat 6 Install)
July 2013 31 one pages step by step installation guide from Thusjanthan Kubendranathan