High Availability Solutions for SAP on AWS

The SAP on Amazon Web Services High Availability Guide describes Windows and Linux architectures with failover scenarios.

This page focuses on solutions which can automatically fail over SAP services from one AWS server to another. 

The AWS cloud implements high availability in a different way traditional on premises implementations do:

  • A failing instance can be restarted automatically. AWS will provide automatically the required resources at restart after the instance became unavailable. There is no need to have standby spare instances.
  • AWS regions provide multipe availability zones with are far enough apart to not fail through the same desasters and close enough to provide low latency, high bandwidth connections. A SAP customer will want to leverage architectures which are able to exploit the completly independent availibility zones. Using two independent availability zones in such a "metro-cluster" setup is typically very expensive to implement in an on premises setup.
  • HA solutions can be implemented the same way in all AWS regions. AWS provides a homogenous infrastructure which allows to operate HA systems in all regions of the world.

SAP has a list of certified HA-Interface Partners. AWS is not part of this list since the certified HA-Interface Partners use the AWS platform as supported configurations. The following partners and solutions are known to support the AWS platform: