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Solaris 11 Compatibility Checker available for Download

Oracle published a tool which allows to figure out if an application which works on Solaris 10 will work in an umodified way on Solaris 11. The "Oracle Solaris 11 Compitibilty Checker" is available as a free download.

The tool comes with a binary cecker which checks Solaris binaries for

  • symbols which are deprecated or not public (means subject to change at any time)
  • statically linked libraries

It features as well a run time checker which is based on Dtrace. The run time checker will monitor an existing application and figure out if

  • deprecated or EOL commands will be called
  • renamed or relocated commands will be called
  • outdated or removed packages will be called

All this happens in a Solaris 10 run time environment. The tool compares the access profile of the application with the APIs, frameworks and commands which are currently available in Solaris 11 Express. This means that no Solaris 11 or test installations are being needed.

A grain of salt: the total Solaris API is huge and there is a commonly accepted feature creep in all frame works. This leads to the same problem you'll have with an X-ray image: You're seeing things you never knew that they exist. There will be chances that you get some false positives which need to be sorted out by manual inspection. This is the usual problem with you'll see with all diagnostic tools.

The folks from ISV Engineering who wrote this tool implemented already the Solaris 10 binary checker and they know the applications of the world. Their checker comes with a build in database which represents the delta between Solaris 10 update 9 and Solaris 11 Express.

Why using it?

It's a good first indicator to make an assessment on the potential changes needed in an application. It will help a release manager to sleep better hence he'll know if an application is likely to need tweaking for Solaris 11.

blog | by Dr. Radut