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Solaris 11: Packages and Files

This page describes how to map in Solaris 11  installed files to packages and vice versa.

OpenSolaris has a quite powerful package management system called IPS (Image Packaging System) which is very different from it's predecessor teh SOlaris 10 SVR4 packaging system.

Search queries may be accelerated by rebuilding the package index.

user@opensolaris:~# pkg rebuild-index

Example: Which is the package /usr/bin/pidgin belongs to an vice versa?

How to find the OpenSolaris Package which belongs to a given File?

You are looking for the package which belongs to the file /usr/bin/pidgin:

user@opensolaris:~# pkg search -l /usr/bin/pidgin 
INDEX ACTION VALUE PACKAGE path file usr/bin/pidgin pkg:/communication/im/pidgin@0.5.11-0.134

 The -l option performs a local search. Omitting it will allow you to search for files in packages which aren't yet installed.

How to find the Files which belong to an OpenSolaris Package?

The pkg command is doing the trick:

user@opensolaris:~# pkg contents -t file,link,hardlink -o,mode,pkg.size,path,target \

file 0644 314519 etc/gconf/schemas/purple.schemas
file 0755 18232 usr/bin/otr_mackey
file 0755 18688 usr/bin/otr_modify
file 0755 19460 usr/bin/otr_parse
file 0755 35452 usr/bin/otr_readforge
file 0755 17612 usr/bin/otr_remac
file 0755 19104 usr/bin/otr_sesskeys
file 0755 1011364 usr/bin/pidgin
file 0755 7965 usr/bin/purple-remote


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