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Configuration of AWS Specific Contraints

The AWS Route 53 agent will need to operate on the same node as the SAP HANA database. A constraint will force it to be on the same node.

Creation of a Constraint in the Command Line Interface

Create a file aws-route53-constraint.txt with the following content. Take care that you use the same resource identifier as before.

colocation col_Route53 2000: res_AWS_ROUTE53:Started msl_SAPHana_SID_HDB00:Master
order ord_SAPHana 2000: cln_SAPHanaTopology_SID_HDB00 msl_SAPHana_SID_HDB00

The file above encoded the SAP SID as part of the ressource name. This will differ in your configuration!

Add this file to the configuration. The following command has to be issued as super user. It uses the file name aws-constraint.txt:

crm configure load update aws-route53-constraint.txt


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