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Cluster Configuration

Use a configuration in "crm configure edit" which looks as follows

Replace hostedzoneid, fullname and profile with the appropriate individual values.

primitive res_AWS_ROUTE53 ocf:aws:aws-vpc-route53 \
   params hostedzoneid=Z22XDORCGO4P3T ttl=10 profile=cluster \
   op start interval=0 timeout=180 \
   op stop interval=0 timeout=180 \
   op monitor interval=300 timeout=180 \
   meta target-role=Started

Change your hostedzone id value and the full name as needed.

Mandatory Parameter

  • hostedzoneid : The host zone id of Route 53. This is the table of the Route53 record
  • ttl : time for the ARECORD to life in Route53 in seconds.
    • 10 is a reasonable default value
  • fullname : the full name of the service which will host the IP address.
    • Example:
    • The last dot is important to Route53!
  • profile : The name of the AWS CLI profile of the root account.
    • This profile will have to use the "text" format for CLI output
    • The file /root/.aws/config should have an entry which looks like:
      • [profile cluster]
      • region = us-east-1
      • output = text
    • "cluster" is the name which has to be used in the Linux Pacemaker Cluster configuration
    • The region has to be the current one.
    • The output has to be "text".



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