Changing the IP Address for a Host Name Entry in Route53

Changing the IP Address for a Host Name Entry in Route53

The failover can be execute by changing the IP address for a given host name. This means a A record has to be introducted or modified.

This can be done through a CLI command. The information required is:

  • Route53 hosted zone id: for example HOSTED-ZONE-ID
  • name of entry: for example myservice
  • IP address for entry: for example 
  • domain name: for example
  • Time to life (TTL): for example 10s 


Find your hosted zone through using the AWS console or the AWS CLI command:

aws route53 list-hosted-zones

Create a file like change-resource-record-sets.json:

"Comment": "Update record to reflect new IP address for a system ",
"Changes": [
"Action": "UPSERT",
"ResourceRecordSet": {
"Name": "",
"Type": "A",
"TTL": 10,
"ResourceRecords": [
"Value": ""

Replace the string with the host name and the domain which matches your requirements.

Replace with the IP address where your service is being provided.

Changing the A record in Route53

Use the following AWS CLI command to implement the change:

aws route53 change-resource-record-sets --hosted-zone-id HOSTED-ZONE-ID --change-batch file:///mypath/change-resource-record-sets.json

Replace HOSTED-ZONE-ID with the identifier for your hosted zone. Pick the correct path to your json configuration file.

This command can be used to create an A record initially. It will work as well if the record already exists. It will then update the IP address and the TTL value.

The command will return a transaction Id which should be caught...

Checking Progess of the Update

The Route53 update takes as while (~20s). The successfull completion of the transaction can be checked with the following command:

aws route53 get-change --id <value>

The result will provide a status field which is PENDING or INSYNC.


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