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Solaris Performance Tools CD 3.0 online available (again...)

The Solaris Performance Tools CD Version 3.0 from the Sun Benchmark Center Germany is available (again) for download. Enjoy!

Progress Messages the World doesn't need:

 "5 bytes of 369M bytes" from my time machine backup.

Solaris Performance

 moving on... Step 3: process introspection; Step 4: process monitoring with prstat.

Solaris Performance Primer

... new to Solaris? Step 1: Explore your system; Step 2: measure system utilization. More to follow.

A great week end to everyone! Stefan

Real world Java tuning Example

 Jeff Taylor provided a nice writeup of tuning a real application using visualgc. It goes much deeper compared to the Java primer I wrote a while ago.

Customer Development Methodology Presentation

Good presentation ( on how to win customers while doing software development. Well rounded presentation to learn how agile development works for startups and it helps winning VCs. Thanks to my old friend Mehdi Ghazizadeh who pointed me to it.

dimstat 8.5 released

Dimitri got dimstat 8.5 out. It now includes monitoring for InnoDB and a whole bunch of MySQL Add-Ons.

For the ones who haven't yet used it. It's an excellent, free and platform independent systems monitoring tool:

Drupal Cheat Sheet



Drupal logo

My Drupal cheat sheet is ready! It took me while to document my favorite modules. Here they are. Expect more information over time through this URL. Please keep in mind that I'm fairly new to Drupal and I'm willing to learn to do things smarter.


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