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Configuration of Move IP Agents

This activity needs to be executed on one node of the cluster. It's typically the first node.

Creation of a Move IP Resource in the Command Line Interface

This step requires the overlay IP addres and the name of the AWS routing table.

Create a file with the following content:

primitive res_AWS_IP ocf:suse:aws-vpc-move-ip \
	params address= routing_table=rtb-d29969be interface=eth0 profile=cluster \
	op start interval=0 timeout=180 \
	op stop interval=0 timeout=180 \
	op monitor interval=30 timeout=30 \
	meta target-role=Started

The file above used as floating, overlay IP address. It used rtb-d29969be as AWS routing table. Modify the two values as needed.

Add this file to the configuration. The following command has to be issued as super user. It uses the file name aws-move-ip.txt:

crm configure load update aws-move-ip.txt


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